Chapter 10: Straight Lines

Class 11 Maths
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Q1. Calculate the slope of a line, that passes through the origin, and the mid-point of the segment joining the points P (0, -4) and B (8, 0).

Q2. Find the equation of the line which is at a perpendicular distance of 5 units from the origin and the angle made by the perpendicular with the positive x-axis is 30°.

Q3. Find the equation of the line perpendicular to the line x – 7y + 5 = 0 and having x-intercept 3

Q4. The perpendicular from the origin to the line y = mx + c meets it at the point (-1, 2). Find the values of m and c.

Q5. Find the points on the x-axis whose distance from the line equation (x/3) + (y/4) = 1 is given as 4units.

Chapter 10: Straight Lines
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