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GK on Oil India Limited

In the 18th century BRITISH Lieutenant R. WILCOX DISCOVERED CRUDE OIL IN. ASSAM. IN 1866 FIRST OIL WELL WAS DUG NEAR JOYPUR, NAHARKATIA. BUT FIRST COMMERCIAL DISCOVER OF CRUDE OIL IN THE COUNTRY WAS 1889 IN DIGBOI by Assam Railways and Trading company limited 662 feet (capacity 200 gallons per day).

  • Digboi Is Known As the Oil City Of Assam.
  • Digboi Refinery was commissioned on 11 December 1901. Now it is under the Indian Oil corporation of India ltd (IOCL).


The first crude oil pipeline in India IS Naharkatia-Nunmati-Barauni Pipeline

  • It was incorporated in 1959.
  • Asia’s first cross-country pipeline covering a distance of 1,157 km.
  • On February 18, 1959, Oil India Private Limited was incorporated.
  • Its field H.Q at Duliajan, corporate office at Noida, and pipeline H.Q at Guwahati.
  • MR W P G MACLACHLAN was the first chairman of oil India, at present SUSHIL CHANDRA MISHRA is CMD of OIL(on July,2021).
  • In 1961, it became a joint venture company between the Indian Government and Burmah Oil Company Limited, UK.
  • In 1981, OIL became a wholly-owned Government of India enterprise( 100% share by govt.).
  • AT Present govt. Hold 66% of shares in oil India limited(as of July 2021) and the remaining shares are held by mutual funds, foreign institutions, domestic institutions, and retail investors.
  • The Duliajan – Numaligarh Gas Pipeline (DNPL) where OIL has a 23% equity stake
  • At Present oil has operations in Libya, Gabon, Nigeria, Sudan, Venezuela, Mozambique, Yemen, Iran, Bangladesh and United States.
  • In Gabon, Block SHAKTHI, a discovery has been made, that produced oil and gas
  • OIL Holds 74% share in the Numaligarh refinery. As of 2014, it had a capacity of 3 million metric tonnes per year. In January 2019, the Cabinet approved plans to increase the refinery’s capacity to 9 million metric tonnes per year.
  • The Numaligarh Refinery is located at Morangi, Golaghat district, Assam in India is a refinery that is a joint venture between Oil India (74%) and the Government of Assam (26%) and is a division of Oil India.
  • Founded In 1993 But Production Started /Opened In 1999.
  • At Present oil has operations at Libya, Gabon, Nigeria, Sudan, Venezuela, Mozambique, Yemen, Iran, Bangladesh, and the United States.
  • In Gabon, Block SHAKTHI, a discovery has been made, that produced oil and gas.


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