International Tea Day 2022

International Tea Day 2022

International Tea Day is celebrated every year on the 21st of May.
First-ever International Tea Day was on 21st May 2020 and in the current year 2022, it is the third observance of this day. Tea day is a source to express the economical, biological and physical benefits of tea. This year International Tea Day observance will happen with its full scope and importance.

Theme of International Tea Day

Although 21st May is going to be the second International Tea Day yet we may proclaim the theme for this day as “Tea and Fair Trade”. The basic purpose of this theme is to glorify the economical facts of tea, especially in the areas where it grows. These areas are poverty trodden and its fair trade cannot only enhance their resources and access to the international market but can also be helpful in the eradication of poverty.

Purpose of International Tea Day

Tea is the second most used drink in the world after water which states the self-explanatory importance and worth of tea in the world. It is also mentioned in the theme that the basic purpose of World Tea Day is to spread awareness among the people about the financial outcomes of tea in the poor areas of the world which are the major producer of this crop. As the demand for tea is always there but it usually happens that its fair supply and trade cannot be accorded. So these poor areas of Continent Asia cannot find the profitable results of the production of the world’s largest used beverage.
The significance to celebrate this day is to prompt the physical worth of tea as it helps to lose weight and hence can be a useful, easily accessible, and cheap tool to fight against major health issues like obesity, nausea, and slow metabolism.

 Importance of Tea Day

Geographical Importance

Tea is mostly produced in the Continent of Asia including countries like India, China, Nepal, Kenya and Srilanka. It is also used in these countries as a general drink among masses of every class and sector. Such a huge consumption is because of its easy availability and low cost, while these countries also make more than half of the world in terms of population. Therefore, the importance of international tea day increases with the interest of a large-scale public.

Economic Importance

Tea is usually produced in areas of Asia that are poverty-ridden and people associated with its business are below the mark. These people do not have easy access to the markets and processing units. A largely used drink like tea must have a smooth business that should provide relief to the poor farmers in order to meet their necessities and eradicate poverty. World tea day where suggests the benefits of tea also glorifies the people behind its production.

Brief History

  • Tea-producing countries celebrate an international tea day on 15 December since 2005.
  • In 2015, the Indian Government proposed the observance of tea day through the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • United Nations accepted the proposal and on 21 December 2019 declared 21st May of every year as International Tea Day through a resolution.
  • 21 May 2020 is the date of the First International Tea Day under the supervision of the United Nations.

Facts About Tea

  • Tea is the second most used drink after water.
  • Tea originated in North-East parts of India.
  • The biggest tea-producing countries are in the Sub-Continent.
  • China started to consume Tea as a drink nearly 5000 years ago.
  • Consumption of Tea is beneficial in Weight Loss.
International Tea Day 2022

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