World Soil Day on 5th December

World Soil Day on 5th December
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World Soil Day on 5th December

Soil is earth or dirt which is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and organisms that together support life.

Benefits of Soil:

a. It reduces farm operation costs.

b. It helps in the better yield of the crops.

c. It reduces the diseases in the plants.

d. It helps in the reduction of erosion.

Why do we observe World Soil Day?

World Soil Day is observed every year on December 5 to:

  • Highlight the value of soil.
  • tell about the management of soil resources.
  • increase public awareness of the significance of soil in our lives

Important Questions on Soil for Government Jobs

Q1. When is World Soil Day observed every year?
2 December
b. 3 December
c. 4 December
d. 5 December
Answer: d

Q2. Which one of the following is composed of older alluvium?
b. Khadar
c. Kankar
d. Tarai
Answer: a

Q3. A major part of Maharashtra is covered with which type of soil?
. Black soil
b. Medium-brown soil
c. light-colored sandy soil
d. Red soil
Answer: a

Q4. Which of the following is the most fertile soil?
Loamy soil
b. Black soil
c. Red soil
d. Sandy soil
Answer: a

World Soil Day on 5th December

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